Thursday, July 13, 2006

We Multiply

AYF? covered Birmingham/Rekjavik/London-based (sic) Fields back in January of this year. They recently released a couple new songs for download, both of which live up to the high psych-pop standards we expect from the band. Now if only they'd tour Canada instead of Japan.

Fields - Charming The Flames
Fields - Heretic


The Boggs' latest 12" came out yesterday. It should be available from their label, Say Hey Records, once they update the site. Remixes from Shy Child and Glass Factory (Chris Zane) are included with this one. See our post from Monday/Tuesday for background information on The Boggs.

Oneida's new LP was also released yesterday. You can catch them live on Friday August 4th in Toronto, as part of the Bummer In The Summer Festival at The Boat. Prepare to be impressed.

Oneida - Up With People


NO FORMAT presents

(Part 1)

Wednesday August 23rd 2006


The Diableros
No Dynamics
Wyrd Visions
Fjord Rowboat

Musical interludes provided by Chromewaves

More info, and our special guests to be announced soon.


Future Force consists of two members of the now defunct Electric Badness (see previous AYF? post). TJ and Noah have fashioned some solid motorik-inspired electro-disco for their first couple of releases as Future Force; the percussion has a good low-end thump, and the synths bounce along nicely. I'm posting the slightly more amped Alex Costa remix of "Night Pony" here. It's been floating around on a few other blogs, but it deserves the extra coverage.

Future Force - Night Pony (Alex Costa 8Bitz Remix)

Check out TJ's blog, American Athlete.


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