Friday, May 19, 2006


Lukas from Fighting just finished off the poster for the NO FORMAT/ATG presentation of Man Man (in Toronto at The Silver Dollar on June 5th). Another brilliant piece. Thanks Lukas.


The Ghost Is Dancing will be opening for Man Man at the NO FORMAT/ATG show. Their quirky, tightly wound indie-pop hints at The Shins, with roots extending to their Canadian brethren -- The Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, et al. With one EP already completed (and desperately awaiting a wider re-release this fall), the band plan to put out a full-length early next year; one AYF? is highly anticipating. The tracks here were produced by Tyler DeWitt at Skylight Studios, and they sound great.

The Ghost Is Dancing - People
The Ghost Is Dancing - Running Song

People are asking if Ghost is the new Wolf -- and to that, I answer: I don't really care.


This is a short post today, as I'm heading to England in four hours (at 6am) for a week. There should be a mid-week update -- plenty of wandering, Tate Modern, Camden Town, and a few shows are on the agenda.