Thursday, May 11, 2006


I'd like to thank everyone who comes to AYF? on a regular basis. The site is approaching it's two year anniversary next month, and in that time it's progressed from being nothing but a few plaintive words to -- a bunch of words and some music.

This continues to be a personal space, and will remain so. If I, or anyone else writing for AYF? want to share our strange experiences between posting songs, videos, and art, that's all part of the fun. We are in a public forum here, in which even ex-girlfriends and overly competitive peers are free to participate. If you don't like it, don't read it.

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Today, two bands that have already been hit up elsewhere, but are worth the extra coverage.


Palo Santo is the first Shearwater album I've had the chance to get into. Recently released on Misra, Palo Santo marks a departure from their previous material, and acts to distance Shearwater from that other band with whom they are associated. Obvious Jeff Buckley comparisons aside, Jonathan Meiburg builds a complex musical landscape with his songs, swinging from a newfound drum-heavy aggression, to gentle guitars and quiet melodies. This album is thick with mood, and has been a great companion late at night with the lights low.

A Pitchfork review showed up yesterday.

Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea
Shearwater - White Waves
Shearwater - Red Sea, Black Sea (demo)

I owe thanks to Phil at Misra for this one.


A few weeks ago, a friend brought The Embassy to my attention, by way of Jay at Goldkixx. Since then, I've found myself listening to a few of their songs over and over -- compulsively at times. While their albums are hit and miss - falling victim early/mid '90s dance references - each has at least one or two great tunes. Scandinavian indie pop bands are big on my personal charts right now, and The Embassy have clear markings of their Swedish heritage. I suppose if The Legends and Electronic got together, this is what their kids might sound like (and it accounts for the occasional big miss factor).

The Embassy - Time's Tight
The Embassy - Some Indulgence

Video: The Embassy - Stage Persona (MOV)


The Diableros' video for "Sugar Laced Soul" is finally done, and it looks great. This is the second video from Toronto's Sara St. Onge -- her first being for Final Fantasy. The animation was done by Jay White.

Nice work to everyone involved.

Video: The Diableros - Sugar Laced Soul (MOV)