Friday, May 05, 2006

Awesome Dragon Man

Everyone in Toronto needs to check out the line-up for the Over The Top festival, which takes place this week. Put together by Eric Warner, Over The Top is easily the best indie music festival we have in this city -- quality over quantity. Previous AYF? favorites Measles-Mumps-Rubella will be in town this year, as are The Lovely Feathers, Pas/Cal, Asobi Seksu, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Telefauna, Wyrd Visions, and more. Ticket prices are reasonable, and I'm even going to swallow my negative attitude towards The Drake for a few shows there.

Great job Eric. Thank you.


Three from New York today. AYF? has been away for a while; gotta catch up.


As part of Over The Top, Awesome Color will be playing a late show at Sneaky Dee's on Saturday May 6th (1am). How many awesome colors are there? Two guys wielding axes, and a girl on skins. The three of them collectively moved themselves to NYC from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and recently signed to Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label.

Their music cruises along -- psych-garage-rock like an open-top muscle car. Awesome Color revel in heavy riffs and solos, the drums and basslines laying a deep undercurrent. The energy is distinctly blues, and it's infectious.

Exclusive MP3 styles:

Awesome Color - Free Man


The members of Dragons of Zynth all have names I can't figure out how to pronounce: Aku, Akwetey, and Gbatokai. Produced by David Sitek and Kyp Malone (both of TV On The Radio), the sound is like riding on a train through a tunnel with two sets of speakers mounted just outside the windows -- one set is belting you with hip-hop, and the other indie rock. Somewhere in the distance you can hear a punk band and the sounds of the bayou, and there is a drum circle in the next car over. You're trying to figure it all out, and you think you've got it, but then the speakers get sheared off, the lights go out, the amps die, and you're just in a dark train in a tunnel.


Check the Biggie Smalls on Afro Spliffs. That one is for Brian Kim.

Dragons of Zynth - Abithia
Dragons of Zynth - Afro Spliffs


I will be covering Mirror Mirror soon. In the meantime, visit their Myspace page.


NO FORMAT and ATG present

MAN MAN (Ace-Fu)
plus guests

Monday June 5th
at The Silver Dollar (Toronto)

Doors 9pm
$10.50 adv (available next week) $12 door

For those who made it to The Bagel the last time NO FORMAT introduced Man Man to Toronto, this will bring back happy memories. The place was well sold out, Lenin i Shumov (RIP) opened, and we all danced and had fun. Man Man always put on an amazing live show, and their new album (Six Demon Bag) is damn good.

Openers are TBA -- we'll let you know as soon as it's official.

ATG (Craig Laskey) is behind this one as well, so there will be classy stuff like advanced tickets, which you can get from Rotate, Soundscapes, The Horseshoe, or Ticketmaster (as of next week).

A poster courtesy of Fighting is coming soon.