Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Decompressed and Nostalgic

So much for keeping up while I was on vacation, but I am finally decompressed and back to writing.

There has been and air of nostalgia around my apartment, and here is part of the soundtrack.


As of this summer, it's over three years since my last weekly DJ residency (out in Vancouver). Back in those days, it was all about fitting 100 people into a bar made for 60 on a Sunday night. Back alley entrance, and noise complaints from the apartment buildings across the street. Our playlists were dominated by DFA releases, indie rock, disco-punk, italo-disco, '80s new wave, the No New York, Anti-NY, and Young New York compilations, Playgroup, Kitsune, Gomma, and the rest.

Munk was one of my favorite artists at the time, and when he remixed Vivien Goldman for the Anti-NY compilation, it was magical. Not a dancefloor filler, but one you could put on as the crowd arrived. I still play the original from time to time.

Vivien Goldman - Launderette (Munk Version)
Vivien Goldman - Launderette


So what about that crazy '80s new wave revival? Bands with names I don't even want to mention on here. But there were some good ones, like I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness -- who finally released their album a few months back, after teasing us with their debut EP three years prior. Ah the summer days of '03 reliving the summer days of '83 when I wasn't old enough to give a shit.

Danse Society are a criminally underrated product of the early '80s, and listening to their back catalogue, one wonders why a re-release of their 2001 compilation hasn't come about over the last year or two.

Danse Society - Somewhere


On to the summer of '04 when Lansing-Dreiden released their first album, a patchy but enjoyable mix of '80s and '90s cliches sewn together with threads of '60s psych. Now, with their latest album, they've managed to pull it together into a well-conceived whole that transcends the cliches; one of my favorites this year. The Mili-Vanilli look-alikes in their latest video (for "A Line You Can Cross") were a master-stroke.

Lansing-Dreiden - Part Of The Promise
VIDEO: Lansing-Dreiden - A Line You Can Cross (MOV)


The Fever (Lansing-Dreiden label-mates) will be playing at The Reverb tonight (May 30th) in Toronto. Hope to see some of you there.


Nice to meet you last weekend, Merckeda and friends.