Friday, January 27, 2006


Good psych-pop can be hard to find -- striking that balance between stoned and happy and sad is not easy. From England, Fields (not The Fields, or Field Music, or whatever) have managed to hit it on the head. With these tracks rivaling one of my favorite records of the last few years - The Legends' 2004 release, Up Against The Legends - I am excited by the prospect of a full album from Fields.

Fields - Song For The Fields
Fields - If You Fail We All Fail

On a similar tip, Seattle's Wonderful were one of the bands I used to see play on a regular basis back in '99. A few years on they're still at it, and this track, "Adrianne," is an example of near-perfect psych-pop. The production is excellent, a key element when it comes to orchestral, multi-layered music like this.

Wonderful - Adrianne


Blitzen Trapper aren't easy to describe, although they have a definite garage-blues-rock edge to them, and they do it with style. A real quirky style, sometimes fusing a bit of Brian Wilson into the mix. It keeps it interesting and prevents direct comparison to anyone.

Blitzen Trapper - Cold Gold Diamond
Blitzen Trapper - 10-Cent Slut


Hey, we've been permanently linked by Flaky Disco and Molars. Thanks. Also check out the Italian site, Weekendance.

20 Jazz Funk Greats have a new writer on board, with Steve from now defunct To Here Knows When joining Stuart and Juan. They're my favorite blog, and just got even better.


Blogshares is super nerdy, and I don't even entirely understand it. But AYF? stock has been going up like crazy lately, and I've just issued another 4000 shares. So if you're into that shit, check it out and buy them up.