Saturday, May 13, 2006


My friend Julie sent me a link to a band out of Edmonton, Alberta -- The Wet Secrets. Featuring plenty of handclaps, keys, and percussion through their songs, they stir it up with a wickedly warped sense of humor, and will no doubt find a receptive audience amongst fans of, say, Sunset Rubdown. There is no shortage of talent here; the brooding, 7-plus minute "Karate Space Tiger..." is a testament to this, as it never fails to hold your attention from start to finish.

I'm pretty taken with these guys and girls. Their independently released CD can be found through Blackbyrd, and I urge you all to pick it up.

The Wet Secrets - Boat Gas Death Train
The Wet Secrets - Mr. Rimjob 1999
The Wet Secrets - Karate Space Tiger Vs. The Humpin' Jumpmaster (Swordfighting in the Jungle)

If you found this post by searching for "rimjob" on Google, you're a sucker. Sucker.


Top 5 songs (downloaded) from AYF? over the last seven days:

1. (433) GoGoGo Airheart - So Good
2. (283) Joy Divison - Isolation
3. (276) Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck
4. (206) The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood
5. (192) Slowdive - Dagger

Dragons of Zynth
and The Embassy just missed the top 5 after their recent coverage. Wyrd Visions and The Teardrop Explodes continue to get much love, as do New Young Pony Club.


and I had the pleasure of checking out Sound Team last night (now with Capitol Records). They put on a good set, although I was a bit surprised by the relatively benign sound inherent in a few of their new songs. The band was opening for early Kemado signing, Elefant, who showed absolutely no progress since they first appeared in New York -- over three years ago. Diego Garcia's excessive posturing came off as a cheap impersonation of Peter Murphy (thanks, Michelle), and any energy existent between himself and his backing band was not immediately apparent. Stop practicing in the mirror, guy, and start practicing with your band. We left part way into their second song.

Speaking of Kemado, make sure and check out The Fever's latest. More on that soon.


My perpetually rainy weather widget is finally right. Yay for technology.