Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Psychedelic Visions

There has been a noticeable lack of up-beat dance action on AYF? lately; this trend continues today -- psychedelic rock and magical-psych-folk is where it's at.

Wyrd Visions features Colin Bergh, a Toronto-based artist, and co-founder of the percussively experimental Awesome. Unlike Awesome (who are both loved and hated by the local indie masses), Wyrd Visions play identifiable, if unusual songs (some people argue that Awesome mostly bang stuff, make noise, and chant). With Colin fronting 'Visions as a well-kitted couture elf, it's no surprise their sound bring to mind -- well shit, listening to "Bog Lord," I feel like I'm in a forest. On mushrooms. Or maybe I'm hanging out with my druidic friends, joking about wood nymphs and eating rare berries. And yes, AYF? loves rare berries.

"Freezing Moon" - the first track featured here - is a song originally written by Mayhem, the infamous black metal band. Read their story, because if you haven't, you are missing out on one of the strangest tales in music (yes, stranger than anything even Phil Spector could cook up).

Wyrd Visions - Freezing Moon
Wyrd Visions - Bog Lord


After a very positive reaction to The Christa Min tracks I posted a while ago, I'm following up with Anemones, another of J. Grimmer's many projects. Working with friends who's pasts have included Pink Mountaintops and The Cinch, Grimmer and Anemones take a tense, quiet approach to psych-rock. Drum machines tick away, guitars hook and wash, soft vocals echo and mingle with synths, and the basslines hold it all together in a thick fog. Spectrum is recalled here, without a doubt, although if you could imagine Pink Mountaintops absolutely looped on valium, while busting out the 'rig for some heroin chasers, this might be what they'd sound like.

Anemones have their first release coming up on 1777rex, a CD-R label out of Vancouver.

Anemones - Candy (Ooh)
Anemones - What's Right


AYF? is looking into doing a new weekly night. The concept? No promo. No fronting. No self-aggrandizing attitude. We play what we want, and we like it when our friends come and hang out with us. You're into dancing? No? You're into hanging out with your back to the wall? We don't care as long as you have fun.

Put your hand in my pocket. That's the name. See some of you there soon.