Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Whoa. What the fuck. OK. So I spent tonight at a rock show, which was actually pretty good. But then these girls (whom I had introduced - musically - to the band we'd just seen), they were like, "let's meet the band!" The girls, they wanted me to hang out with them and go wherever the the band were going -- and the girls, they were alright (cute, young, enthusiastic). I sat around and waited and chatted, and eventually the band was going to a bar some other friends of mine were at. So I went. But my friends had left by the time I got there -- save for one of them.

I hung out with my remaining friend and watched the hangers on vie for the attention of
the band. Actually, there was more than one band, although not everyone knew who the people in the second band were, because they had been playing a different show -- so they got left alone, for the most part. One of the girls asked me who the second band was, but I think she was too drunk to see who I was pointing out.

But anyway -- these girls, they were all over the band they could discern. It was embarrassing. I got drunk and avoided the antics. I played pool for a bit. I chatted with my friend. I watched the night unfold, and I felt kind of weird. I left and said bye to one of the girls who was trying to attain some form of physical contact with a band member. Didn't matter which band member -- just... a band member.

What's the deal? Am I getting old? Why is it that I just don't care?

I came home and I wanted to listen to noise. Good noise. Really fucking good noise. Repetitive, heavy, psychedelic noise.

I put on Indian Jewelry.

This is the right kind of noise. It swirls and repeats, and it has a soul to it, and it screams and yelps. Fuck. This is the noise I wanted to be listening to all night.

Indian Jewelry - Lost My Sight
Indian Jewelry - Health And Wellbeing


Bonus track. The Rolling Stones do it up in the early '80s post-punk disco, singing about bloody murder -- literally. Listen all the way.

The Rolling Stones - Too Much Blood