Friday, July 14, 2006

This World Is A Warm Sunny Park

First off, I want to thank Greg for inviting me to write for AYF? What an honour, for real. As I get my bearings in a new city (Toronto), you'll be hearing about my observations on an obssessive culture, be privy to my taste in music, and hear gossip stories from my adventures as they unfold. There's no format for what I'll deliver to you, with only one rule: NO MADONNA! (Except, maybe a good remix will come out and I'll be able to pass it along? Please? [No Madonna! No Madonna remixes! Why do all girls love Madonna? -Greg]) Yes you're going to get all this - sprinkled with sarcasm and wit - so here we go.


Lately I've been reading a lot about a band called Oh No! Oh My! (enter clever joke about their name here) on countless blogs (dating way back to January). Garnering the same type of buzz that brought CYHSY to the lips of every indie-internet-junkie-hipster, this band is not necessarily unique amoung their peers, but they have managed to apply fresh perspective to a tired genre.

Comparible to bands like The Magnetic Fields, The Shins, and Belle & Sebastian, listening to Oh No! Oh My! leaves us noticing the little things in life that so often pass us by. "Walk In The Park" has quickly turned into my very own personal theme song with lyrics like, "nice day for a drive-by shooting," making even the most sadistic actions appear pleasurable. Kind of fucked up, right? Well listen to the song, and you'll be bouncing along the street thinking to yourself, "I wish I had my gat..."

Oh No! Oh My! - Walk In The Park
Oh No! Oh My! - Jane Is Fat

You Ain't No Picasso recently featured Oh No! Oh My!'s WOXY session.

They play Thursday July 13th at the Insound Pre-Siren Fest party at Supreme Trading in Brooklyn (aka The 2nd Annual SHORTS ONLY Party).

The rest of the tour dates are as follows:

07/14/2006 - El Mocombo, Toronto, ON - w/ The Big Sleep, Professor Murder
07/30/2006 - Southgate House, Cincinnati, OH - w/ Camera Obscura
08/03/2006 - Kuyahoga Festival, Cleveland, OH - w/ Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth
08/05/2006 - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL - w/ about 300 other bands
08/06/2006 - The End, Nashville, TN - w/ Lylas and General Sherman
08/19/2006 - The Opolis, Norman, OK
08/22/2006 - The Independent, San Francisco, CA - w/ Let's Go Sailing, TBA
08/23/2006 - Amoeba Music In-Store & Secret Acoustic show, Los Angeles, CA
08/24/2006 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
08/25/2006 - Spaceland, Los Angeles, CA
08/26/2006 - The Casbah, San Diego, CA - w/ Jeremy Enigk
09/06/2006 - House of Blues, Atlantic City, NJ - w/ The Flaming Lips
09/07/2006 - University of Vermont, Burlington, VT - w/ The Flaming Lips