Saturday, July 15, 2006

That Cat's Something I Can't Explain

You know the drill: rock legend dies; spend rest of week revisiting the catalogue and sifting through assorted ephemera. Like this, Syd Barrett's high school photo (courtesy of Ben Rayner, whose dad was in Syd's class). You'll find the young madcap three rows down from the top, fifth from left.

Syd also had a friend who witnessed his first acid tip, realized it was going to be a historical event, and decided to film it. And in a strange bit of synchronicity, news of Syd's death coincided with the arrival of the new Sadies "live at Lee's" album, In Concert Volume One (out August 8), featuring a cover of the Floyd's "Lucifer Sam," with guest Gary Louris on vocals. That this week also saw the release of Pink Floyd's wholly unnecessary Pulse DVD was not an uncanny coincidence, just merely pathetic.

The Sadies - Lucifer Sam (Pink Floyd Cover)