Thursday, March 16, 2006

Surf, Poni!

Tigersushi just coughed up a couple new Poni Hoax tracks for download. Solid stuff in the vein of the current indie/electro/dance flow. They make a good go of it with the clean '80s production and hook-driven nature of the "She's On The Radio" Radio Mix, backed up by the ice-tinged horror remix of "LA Murder Motel". Nice percussion.

Poni Hoax - She's On The Radio (Radio Mix)
Poni Hoax - LA Murder Motel (Letom Redrum Remix By Principle Of Geometry)


Ungdomskulen were on Datarock's last tour. This track is indescribable and great -- like, what the fuck??

Ungdomskulen - Surf's Up


Heavy vitriolic cynicism. Read at your own risk (and you have to select it to view it):

This world feels way too small, and I am questioning my direction.

Too many people are plugged into the same antiquated line. All this indie bullshit -- it's not real anymore. When certain people - people with what I consider to be suspect agendas - front and influence and are involved, I have to question what it's about, and I wish there were a real alternative.

I'm not interested in it being cool and popular. I just want something different, and I want people who are trend-followers, or scenesters to be ostracized and excluded.

I want the vultures who prey on the popularity of others to be shown up, and eliminated. I don't like it when someone comes in and wants a piece of the action only after they can confirm that others think it's cool. No risk. No progress; just picking up on someone else's work and using it to make cash.

And I hate the lack of critical assessment between all those people, and the way they just big up their pals without batting an eyelid, even when the work they're giving props to doesn't necessarily deserve it.

I hate the money involved and the way the product is marketed and packaged and sold via glossy magazines and trendy festivals -- purely style over substance.

I wish there were an artistic and musical revolution which rebelled against that kind of shit.

This one goes out to the artists and musicians and directors and stylists riding in the train. This one goes out to your pretentious friends, your bullshit interviews, and your boring dance music and your underwhelming parties. I know I'm far from perfect, and I may be an idealistic asshole -- but fuck you.

For those who weren't offended - for those who know the score - you have my respect.