Thursday, March 09, 2006

Two Weeks (Repeat)

News on Unfamiliar and The Paper Cranes, which has been taking up a good deal of my time lately. The NeXT showcase last Friday night was interesting, to say the least. Ryan (lead singer) was sick, and by the end of the set, had no voice left. The 'Cranes had to cancel the Montreal show as a result.

Sorry to everyone in Montreal who was looking forward to it, and thanks to those who wrote in wishing Ryan better. The Paper Cranes will be back out here before their Pop Montreal date.

Insound recently updated their newsletter, which included a write-up on The Paper Cranes debut EP. Zulu Records in Vancouver did the same, and have the band featured on their website.

The first review for the CD was from NOW Magazine. 4/4 and Pick Of The Week.

Veins EP is on Insound's Top Sellers list. Thanks to everyone who has purchased the CD, and for those who haven't, we'd love it if you did.


CMW was a shit-show as usual. Drama included.


Bobby Birdman is from Los Angeles, California. Signed to the quirky States Rights Records, and with ties to soon-to-be-featured Yacht, he produces catchy electro-pop that will likely find it's way into your iTunes playlists on a regular basis.

See also: Fryk Beat Records, who AYF? enjoy checking out regularly.

Back in 2004, Bobby had a solid video put together by the outspoken Terri Timely crew.

Bobby Birdman - I Will Come Again
Bobby Birdman - I Said "OK." The Wind Said "No!"


I ditched Winamp on my PC at work and am now completely tied to Apple and iTunes. Good or bad, at least my music databases are consistent -- now if only I could share music between iTunes libraries on different machines without resorting to third party software.


More of the wickedly catchy electro-pop here, which has been dominating my listening time lately. Back out east we have Plane, from Chicago. They write and produce all their material in their own studio, and are signed to -- well, check this out from their Myspace page:

"So we have a distribution deal through Future Farmer. They've disappeared with all our product. Dirigeable, our label, has disappeared with our record and our licensing deals. 2K Sports is using our song Heart and Soul on their NHL 2k6 video game without acknowledging that they owe the band any money. Now Planetary Group is charging us for radio promotion, which they never did, and for which Dirigeable never paid for."

Yeah, the music industry can really suck sometimes.

Plane - Western Avenue
Plane - Heart And Soul
Plane - Please Save My Body From The Modern World
Plane - Rope


Linking back to Ryan at Catbirdseat: thanks for all the support. Thanks also to Tyrone at A Soundtrack For Everyone.

Make sure and check out Guy's Eclectic Sound Basement, which is the blog behind his radio show on CIUT FM (12pm Fridays). If you're in Toronto and you want to hear music from AYF? on the radio, this is the place to tune in.

The Prettiest Pony now have a links section, and AYF? is in it.

Unfortunately, it looks like Adele has left her radio show in New Zealand, which was previously giving airplay to bands featured here. Hey Adele, are you going to turn up somewhere else?


No more promising from me that updates will increase in frequency, but I will try. Burn-out has obviously taken it's toll.