Sunday, February 26, 2006

Once A Week (Repeat)

Unfamiliar Recordings have released our first CD; the Veins EP from The Paper Cranes. It is currently available online, exclusively through Insound. Reviews will be coming in soon, and from preliminary reports, they're all sounding excellent (as well they should be; The Paper Cranes are awesome).

If you're in Vancouver, Canada, you can also pick up the CD at Zulu Records, or from Ditch in Victoria. Sales have been good so far -- thanks for all the support.

I have my eye on a second band to bring up through the Unfamiliar imprint; more word on that as soon as they've given me the OK.



Polytechnic are from Manchester -- a city that holds a place in the hearts of many for it's musical contributions (Joy Division, The Stone Roses, etc.). Combining the best elements of the post-punk explosion with amazing pop hooks (and at times recalling the dissonance of the early '90s North Carolina tri-city scene), these guys have been on my playlist constantly for the last few weeks. You know, when bands like Maximo Park and The Arctic Monkeys hit it big, I find myself wondering why on earth it wasn't an artist like Polytechnic instead -- superior in so many ways, and nowhere near as trite.

Polytechnic - Penguin
Polytechnic - Pep
Polytechnic - Running Out Of Ideas

(Yes, I tried giving The Arctic Monkeys another chance, but as soon as I flipped into the middle of one of their tracks, and the first thing that came out of the spotty lead singer's mouth was, "Reebok trainers" I shut it off. Haven't we had enough of such blatantly transient, self-referential bullshit? Put these guys in a time capsule and dig them up in 20 years when they can be retro.)


Femme Generation recently played their CD release show with The Diableros in Toronto. I've heard them referred to as post-Rapture dancepunk, but I think that label is a bit constraining for them. Once again, it's all about the hooks -- and while their live show doesn't necessarily match the relative polish of their recorded material, I do like some of what I've heard so far. Also -- it never hurts to have your picture on the cover of NOW.

Femme Generation - Hearts In Stitches
Femme Generation - The Good Life 77
Femme Generation - The Nations Birthday


I was introduced to Montreal's Land Of Talk by Tanya Coghlan (who produces her own music under the name Astral Is Annie). She described them in terms which had her giddy with excitement, but made me think twice about checking them out (there was an Eddie Brickell reference in there). Anyway, suffice it to say they are excellent, and manage to transcend the adult-contemporary-indie vibe I expected of them. They recently played here in Toronto, and I believe they'll be back for CMW.

Land Of Talk - All My Friends
Land Of Talk - Breaxx Baxx
Land Of Talk - Sea Foam
Land Of Talk - Speak To Me Bones


The St. Just Vigilantes are two guys from Vancouver. Unfortunately, I know little else about them, except that they make some nice music with this side-project. Since I happen to know one of them, I'll post an update when I get some answers regarding where this is going.

The St. Just Vigilantes - Rose Grenade
The St. Just Vigilantes - The Color Of Pomegranates
The St. Just Vigilantes - The Shallows


I was recently asked to be - um - featured in the first music video for The Diableros (directed by Sara St. Onge). This is nothing I'd usually do, but I love the band, and the director. So yes, the primary news poster on AYF? is now on film, and the results, so far, are a testament to Sara's abilities. Animation on the video will be done by Jay White, who is talented enough to make his living off government art grants up in the Yukon (when not lending his expertise to projects like this one). Looking forward to seeing the end results.


AYF? is now serving up over 100 gigabytes of data per month (so I need to upgrade my hosting plan). Huge thanks to everyone who has supported this site over the last couple years. Special shout out to David (Shit La Merde) who joins the Toronto blog scene this month, and to Carl Wilson (Zoilus) who recently mentioned AYF? as one of Toronto's top MP3 blogs.