Sunday, February 05, 2006

Run-Roc vs The Paper Cranes

Run-Roc are D. McNany and Dave Zero -- operating out of their recording studio in New York, they hold it down as one of AYF?'s favorite production teams. For this reason, we chose them to remix a track for The Paper Cranes' debut EP. The result is "Deus Ex Machine Gun (Run-Roc Remix)," which features Ryan McCullagh's signature vocals over top a completely re-worked version of the original track (recorded last summer in Vancouver by Howard Redekopp). The Run-Roc guys went at it with the intent of creating a remix which felt as though it were still being played by the band, and they succeeded.

Impressive credentials: Run-Roc were responsible for production on The Rapture's demo sessions (subsequent to the release of Echoes), Jonathan Vance's 12" debut on their own Run-Roc label, their Neutral Mute and SKIZM side-projects, as well as a host of remixes. They've also worked with the DFA on some tunes, and had their share of DJ nights.

Look for a future NO FORMAT show featuring Neutral Mute along with a Run-Roc DJ afterparty in Toronto. Not sure when, but it will happen. The guys will also be our next featured blog guests.

As a teaser for the upcoming Veins EP from The Paper Cranes, here is the remix. Feel free to re-post and distribute this one.

The Paper Cranes - Deus Ex Machine Gun (Run-Roc Remix)

The EP version of "I'll Love You Til My Veins Explode" is also available as streaming audio on The Paper Cranes' Myspace page. Check it out and add them as your friends.

Some related songs:

Jonathan Vance - Sylvia The Eagle *repost
Jonathan Vance - Lycanthrope *repost
Neutral Mute - Doo-Right *repost
Neutral Mute - No No No *repost
Let It Burn - No No Tremolo (Run-Roc co-production) *repost


Pete And The Pirates
are an English band who have been kicking around under the radar for some time now. Aside from witnessing their website go through at least three iterations, I don't know a hell of a lot about them -- except that they make some great music. Their Myspace page refuses to yield much additional information, and right now - at 3:15am on a work night - the inclination to email them just isn't there.

So this band can't be called another Arctic Monkeys -- they stand out from the current crop of NME front-pagers by way of
writing songs that don't all sound the same. This, to me, is a good thing.

Pete And The Pirates - Nuana
Pete And The Pirates - This Thyme
Pete And The Pirates - I'll Love
Pete And The Pirates - What's On?


Congratulations to The Diableros, along with their director (Sara of Awesomology) for securing the VideoFACT funding for the band's first video. I can't wait to see the results.

The Diableros have a new website which includes streaming audio of their album. Their label, Baudelaire also has a new site up.