Monday, January 23, 2006


A mini update with a few words from Pascal over at Metrohead out of Germany:

Metroheadmusic is a record label and a DJ team for electronic entertainment from Hamburg, Germany. So far we`ve released three 7"s featuring Kissogram, Novack, The Why, Chips and Bierbeben. The most recent release is our first 12" with Namosh & Angie Reed and Transformer di Roboter. [ ... ]

Transformer di Roboter - Hi-End (Metro B & Maszlope Remix)

DJ team is right. Check out the Metrohead playlists and you'll find some excellent selections (although I will never understand the whole Viva la Fete fascination; sorry guys.) They also have a label compilation coming out featuring old AYF? favorite Whitey, along with deep dark electro bangers Nid & Sancy.

Due to limited distribution, you won't find their releases outside of Germany and Spain, but you can find out how to order them via their website. Yeah, this is dance music, and I wasn't going to post any this week, but I didn't want to sit on this song longer than I have.

Coincidentally, Pascal is good friends with one of the guys from Egoexpress and the director for the Aranda video (see yesterday's blog), so it all ties in.