Monday, March 13, 2006

The Weather

My bedroom has dark blue (almost black) curtains to block all traces of light. This is good for waking up after 1pm, but bad for figuring out what it's like outside -- and who the fuck leaves their computer to check the weather these days anyway? So, according to my computer it was raining last Saturday; I was really surprised when I left the building and entered blinding sunlight with no sunglasses. And, according to my computer it's been raining for the last week, but I don't think it's been nearly that bad. Maybe one or two days of rain.

I feel all confused. My computer is lying to me, so I will listen to Suede assist Tom Waits in trying to squeeze the corpse of Joy Division through a spaghetti-western-shaped tube. From Vancouver.

The Weather
- How
The Weather - Unloveable
The Weather - Wherever There Is


Unsolicited emails from bands sometimes turn up gems. My guess is that Australia's Gotye will be popping up on blogs again, as others take a chance and give him a listen on his latest mail-out. Pronounce it Gaultier. Rhymes with really fey. But this is actually pretty soul (as in Motown).

Gotye - Thanks For Your Time
Gotye - Learnalilgivinanlovin


If you really want to piss me off, go ahead and ignore someone until they become useful to you. Then, when you notice their worth, make a valiant effort to extract their usefulness and exploit their naivité.


Check out the guys at Fighting.

The new Fields video for "If You Fail We All Fail" is excellent. By Minivegas.

Yes I was supposed to be at SxSW. No, I will not be at SxSW.