Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Two exclusive MP3 offerings today. Thanks to Jason from The Christa Min, and Jeremy Warmsley for handing off these (excellent) pre-release tunes.


The Christa Min were one of the first bands posted on AYF?. Their sound sits somewhere between The Jesus & Mary Chain (JAMC) and Spacemen 3 -- and yes, you could easily compare them to contemporaries like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC).

However, with BRMC faultering after their first album, no band has filled that post-JAMC hole the way The Christa Min do. While potential candidates like Austin's The Black Angels and The Black are both solid bands in their own right, it's the seven (musically experienced) Vancouverites of the 'Min who manage to pull the sound off best -- effortlessly and consistently.

Almost a year since we first heard their initial studio work, this is the lead track from The Christa Mins' self-produced demo; unmastered, but already sounding polished. There is no label attached to this yet, so A&R guys/girls listen up.

The Christa Min - Stockholm


Last week I posted the video for Jeremy Warmsley's most recent single, "Dirty Blue Jeans." A mix of fey pop (C86?) influences, coupled with introspective - and occasionally angst-driven - lyrics, Warmsley's latest 5-song EP (
Other People's Secrets) is a bit like England's answer to The Legends.

This has been in rotation for me since picking it up; dense, interesting, and with some great hooks. If Jens can succeed amidst the European post-punk frenzy, why not Jeremy?

Jeremy Warmsley - Modern Children


Coming Wednesday, coverage of three seminal '80s post-punk bands who's names have managed to remain surprisingly unchecked over the last four years -- one of them even produced an album which would slot into the AYF? top ten of all time. Strange how popular culture can have such a selective historical memory.