Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sinnn Jamz

Today, we have a guest blogger -- Jaime Sin. Yeah, she's really fucking cute, OK? The girl is hot. And she's into cool music, and interesting cinema (CINEMA! not your silly movies) and she started Toronto's successful Shack Up weekly with Mikey Apples, over at The Queenshead on Thursdays.

If Lastnightsparty was in Toronto, they would have pictures of Jaime all over the place. She'd have her own page. She'd run the damn thing. HAHA. OK, that shit is gay, I'm so kidding. I won't even link it.

She doesn't have a webpage, and she would probably kill me if I posted the address to her Friendster account, so you'll just have to masturbate to her words.


Orange Juice - Falling And Laughing
I live inside this song, this song lives inside of me. Absolutely my fave discovery of the past year. The story behind my coming across this tune is that one winter day I was sitting around with Soulseek, when lo, a message box popped open and all of a sudden I was communicating with an Austrian fella about rolling valleys, teenage zines, Viennese actionists and so forth. I was surprised to learn that he wanted to come to Toronto to study art. We communicated a few times thru email and soon lost touch. One of these emails was charmingly titled "you can't hide your love forever." Intrigued, I Googled it, and found that it was the name of an album by a Scottish band from the 80's called Orange Juice. "Falling And Laughing" is the first cut off that record and it is home to some of the most romantical, wistful, and happy-sad lyrics I've ever heard. A comp called Orange Juice and The Glasgow School is out now on Domino.

The Howling Hex - Activity Risks
Hey did anyone even listen to this record? 'Cos I think this song is the best! 5 minutes long and keeps sounding like it's all gonna fall apart at any time. I could go into the lineage of The Howling Hex but I'm sure everyone who has spoken of them has already done that. So just LISTEN!

The Homosexuals - Divorce Proceedings From Reality
This is a frantic minute and 15 seconds of "is this song for real??" Stuff keeps happening and then it's all over oh-so-soon.

Annie - Heartbeat (Maurice Fulton Mix)
Annie, Annie, Annie. Yes, this was Pitchfork's #1 single of 2004 and with GOOD REASON I say. Every time I hear this song... still! The lyrics are so crush-worthy I swoon every time (stop laughing at me) - even when I'm in the middle of listening to it while working my cruddy job. Anyway, get that Mu guy Maurice Fulton to remix the shizz and you've still got a squelchy hot track even though the lyrics become pretty much non-existent. What is it with these euro pop stars anyway? That Robyn track?!? WHOA!!!

Benji Cossa - April
You follow a link and another one opens up... on The Social Registry is this pretty indie pop ditty that I came across whilst downloading from their free music section. Check the site if you dun'know, they are also releasing records by such underground 'luminaries' as Blood On The Wall, Psychic Ills and Gang Gang Dance.

Old Time Relijun - Your Mama Used To Dance
This isn't out yet but I caught a whiff of the new Old Time Relijun when I was in Rotate today and I almost immediately rushed up and asked them what it was. I haven't done that since around the same time last year when they were playing "someone from England called MIA or something", 'cos you know, those Rotate peeps are always playing like, grindcore or whatever when I go in there ;). Anyway, it sounded real good and it's out on K in September. Listen to my ears. They tell truths...

So can I have my own blog now?

[ You can have whatever you want, Jaime... whatever you want. ]


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