Tuesday, August 16, 2005


20JazzFunkGreats have out-done themselves today. Wicked post, guys.


The next monthly NO FORMAT show, on Wednesday September 7th, is almost finalized. In keeping with the concept, we're switching things up -- a lot. More info soon.


I only picked up on GoGoGo Airheart after they were signed to Gold Standard Labs -- an amazing label who were responsible for bringing us early releases from Out Hud, !!!, The Rapture, Rhythm of Black Lines, The Mars Volta, Vanishing, Chromatics, and The Locust (along with a lot of other less accessible bands). At the time, GoGoGo Airheart - essentially two guys out of San Diego - had already released two albums of tense post-punk, which could draw strong comparisons with some of The Make-Up's more angular (did I just fucking say that?) material. After a couple roster changes, their sound tightened up considerably for their 2002 release
, exitheUXA, which I thought would break the band to a larger audience. Outside of limited cult success (read: me and Doug over at Scratch Records drooling over the sweet blue vinyl it was pressed on) this never happened. Maybe it was the title. I still have no idea how to pronounce it.

Since their 2002 release, nothing has come out of GoGoGo Airheart -- their website remains active but is not updated, and they have no new tour dates online. Come on guys, give us more. And if anyone knows what's up, drop me a line.

GoGoGo Airheart - SP3
GoGoGo Airheart - No Language Before Its Time
GoGoGo Airheart - Here Comes Attack
GoGoGo Airheart - When The Flesh Hits
GoGoGo Airheart - My Baby Has A Gang (Sign Our Hearts)


This video isn't new, but I watched it again today, and wanted to post it. Reminds me of Baron Munchausen:
Tom Vek - C-C (You Set The Fire In Me) - VIDEO (wma)