Saturday, August 20, 2005


Due to capacity issues, the No Dynamics show tonight has been moved to Tranzac (292 Brunswick Avenue at Bloor in Toronto).


Our previously unannounced guests, Republic of Safety, will be opening for The Two Koreas tomorrow at The Social.


As if on cue,
two days after being written up on this blog, GoGoGo Airheart have updated their website with tour dates and an official announcement and release information for their new album. Amazing.


My Juan Maclean interview will be published next week in Terminal City. He's a really interesting guy, and was more than happy to answer all my questions, including some which I won't be including in the printed copy:

GI: Why is it that I keep dating these 20-year-old girls? It's fucking ridiculous.

JM: Dude, if I could answer that question, I wouldn't have the lineage of destruction behind me that I have in terms of aborted relationships. I'm over 30, and I'm still with girls in their 20's, but it's creeping up closer to 28 and 29. The short answer is, 20 year old girls are hot.


The weekend of September 16th is the Ear To The Ground festival in Toronto. Check out their site for a list of bands and their set times. It's an amazing line-up, including a performance by locals Girl + The Machine.

A new discovery for me, Girl + The Machine conjure images of late-era Souxsie with a penchant for mod. They're an interesting mix of sequenced drums, accented vocals, and post-punk guitar with a slice of dub just to keep things level.

They're on at 11:15pm, Saturday September 17th, on the SubUrban (who thinks this shit up?) stage, between Solvent (yawn) and controller.controller. Sorry Solvent fans; I find his stuff fits nicely within the disparaging moniker of "coffee-table-jazz." You know? Like atmospheric drum and bass used to.

Girl + The Machine - Dharma
Girl + The Machine - Inside Outside
Girl + The Machine - We Take The Train


When Vitaminsforyou played at our second No Format: Toronto show, he impressed the hell out of everyone there, including myself. Live lap-pop generally falls flat for me, but Bryce has the unique ability to hold audience attention from start to finish. During sound-check the guys working at the bar were calling their friends to make sure they made it out to the show that night -- impressive.

I'll name-drop some comparisons again: Ms. John Soda, The Postal Service, Caribou, Plaid. A new album is almost complete -- more information on that soon.

On the exclusive tip, here are a few tracks Bryce was nice enough to hand over for download:

Vitaminsforyou - Being Away Fame (A Song For Xenophobes)
Vitaminsforyou - It's Always Raining In Dublin
Vitaminsforyou - The Ukrainians


Shout out to Zoilus (aka Carl Wilson) for placing this site on his permanent links list. Word.