Monday, August 22, 2005

Vila's Lack Of Irony

The No Dynamics shows last weekend were a wicked mix of ups and downs. I won't bother with the low points -- but the high point, musically, was the last song of the last set by No Dynamics on the second night. We had our collective minds blown.

Socially, the high point also came on the second night. This guy showed up wearing a Union Jack vest, and pants printed with the American flag -- on his head was a camouflage hood with rough eye holes and little ear things on it (those were unintentional, but a nice touch). Anyway, I told my friend Kathryn to go over and ask his stance on the Iraq war; I mean, obviously the guy is all about Iraq, given his sovereign alliegances and the camo headgear. At least, if he's going to wear that shit, he'll have something funny to say, right? Wrong. Dude is like, "no point. Just ridiculousness." She pressed the issue, and the answer again was, "just ridiculousness." The unhappy target walked off, and we were both wholly let down.

Turns out the guy is the singer for one of the bands who was playing -- Panzram's Ghost. Kathryn runs up during the set and grabs his jacket and puts it on. She runs back and tells me it smelled pretty bad. He is skinnier than me. I am reminded of prisoners of war.

Later, in the bathroom, I'm washing my hands and I hear a couple guys behind me chatting. One of them says, "man, people are saying stuff to me about my outfit." It's the singer; he'd obviously changed after his set. His friend looks at him:

"Really? Who? Like what?"

"Oh you know, just people. They asked me what I thought about the Iraq war!"

"No way man. Why are people like that?"

(This is where my alchoholic memory-loss kicks in, but the conversation went something like...)

"Yeah, it's like they don't get just doing things for no reason."

"Yeah, they shouldn't take it so seriously."

This was priceless -- I washed my hands for a while as I looked at them in the mirror. It was funny, and even though I had this little voice inside me begging to make it's way out my mouth, I managed to hold it in and enjoy the moment all to myself.


I am a huge computer nerd. If you are also a huge computer nerd (who's birthdate is prior to say, 1976), you will appreciate Engadget's throwback to 1985. So damn cool; I remember it all vividly. This is style.


Group Sounds are from New York. They're a bunch of really nice guys (who make catchy music), and they're going to be playing our No Format Halloween show in October along with Uncut. With all the buzz surrounding them these days, a label deal and album release can't be far off. Check out their new video, and some of their music:

Group Sounds - Things Fall Apart
Group Sounds - Business Before Pleasure (repost)


A preview from GoGoGo Airheart's new album, RATS!SING!SING! (awesome title):
GoGoGo Airheart - So Good