Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Enemy

Hey, that's Mr. Mid-Career Artist to you.


I've wasted far too much energy since Thursday, playing the antagonist in an online discussion about the music industry. Someone on there accused me of being "a writer for Vice." This isn't entirely true; I've been published by Vice, but I'm not a regular contributor. It was funny to watch the backlash, though.


Looking back again, I return to 1992 and the glory-days of shoegazer. One of my favorite labels at the time was Hut (who disintegrated under the EMI/Virgin umbrella); they could do no wrong as far as I was concerned. This was, after all, the label who brought us The Verve's A Storm In Heaven, and The Auteurs.

A couple of the earliest releases on Hut were from a band called Moose -- these guys were excellent songwriters, even when hiding behind walls of distortion. Their second EP, titled Cool Breeze, is the source of two tracks I'm going to post today. The third, Nevergreen, can be found on the Uptown EP, and Uptown Invisible is from the Honey Bee album.

Criminally underrated, the band released a series of EPs and LPs, never once gaining the following they deserved. Even after casting off the heavy distortion, and leaning towards a more accessible 60s-tinged sound, their sales were disappointing, and they were dropped by Virgin in the mid-90s. Moose formed their own independent label (Cool Badge), released two more albums on Play It Again Sam, and one on Nickel and Dime (their last, in 2000), who had faith that the public would come around. This never happened, and Moose eventually disappeared.

Feel sorry for yourself:
Moose - Butterfly Collector
Moose - Suzanne
Moose - Nevergreen
Moose - Uptown Invisible