Sunday, August 07, 2005

Olympic Hearts

There is something to be said for living in excess. The blur that was last Wednesday through today ended with me DJing to a room of about 150 girls in Toronto's trendy (read: barely tolerable) Distillery District. For $60 I could've even had myself a 90 minute tour of the entire area on a Segway -- if I'd wanted to pay someone to make me look like an idiot (which would be stupid, when I can do it to myself for free). I stopped at the Segway display booth for a while and listened to a guy actually consider buying one.

No, I met none of the girls at this show, except for Jesse Keeler's girlfriend who was excited that I'd played one of his songs. It was an industry fashion event; I was stuck up above the warehouse floor on a gangway, while a couple guys milled around the DJ/visual area wearing sunglasses and commenting on the ladies below us. I just tried not to fuck up.


The Diableros played at our first NO FORMAT night in Toronto a couple months ago; at the time, I had seen them live a few times, and loved what I'd heard. Last week, Pete, the lead singer and guitarist, stopped by and gave me a copy of their recently recorded CD. Engineered by Jakob Thiesen (of The Airfields) at Kitchen Sync Digital, You Can't Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts is a great album, with a nice title.

The six band members (Pete, Matt, Tara, Pheobe, Ian, and Gary) create an expansive, noisy piece of indie rock, evoking both The Walkmen and The Jesus & Mary Chain; they weave pretty melodies through walls of reverb and echo. Pete's vocals - an undeniable highlight of their sound - are mixed pretty far back, lending a bit of an early-90s (Ididn'tsayitshoegazerOK?) feel to the recording. This, of course is as intended: the entire album was mixed live off the floor at the studio.

A big thanks to the band for the CD, and letting me post a few tracks:

The Diableros - Push It To Monday
The Diableros - Tropical Pets
The Diableros - No Weight
The Diableros - Smash The Clock


AUGUST 21st 2005

NO FORMAT presents
A special SUNDAY show

plus guests



Stuart Berman, singer for The Two Koreas, will be guest blogging here next week. In the meantime you can always pick up a copy of Eye Magazine to read what he might have to say about all things music-related in Toronto.


Tomorrow, I recount two house parties, and an hour hanging out with Owen Pallett. This isn't an excuse, but hey, I really HAVE been busy.