Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vagrant Story

I am allowing myself to go a bit Adrian Mole with this post and run down last Friday like a diary:

I've been a big fan of Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) for a while. I interviewed him a few months back, and last week, saw him play at the Elmo. It was an absolutely stunning show; Owen builds up layers of sound using just a violin and his effects pedals -- working the instrument in ways one might not expect. Late in the set, he was joined by a drummer who, to her credit, was well up to the task of accompanying him. The combination was followed by long, appeciative applause after every song.

Supported by his new label, Tomlab, Owen just left for a tour of Europe (both with The Arcade Fire, and for a series of solo shows starting in October). For those who have the opportunity to see him live, don't miss it.

The Bell Orchestre and The Wooden Stars played after Final Fantasy, but I didn't stick around for much of either set. Instead, Owen and I headed around the corner to another show, where two guys were decimating their instruments in front of a wall of amps and antiquated speakers (at Adrift), all while wearing ski masks with microphones sewn into the mouths. It was loud (but by no means bad). I left and went to a house party.

Earlier on in the night, I had been invited to check out Jason Collett's sold out show at The Mod Club. Turns out the house party I ended up at was his, as evidenced by a copy of NOW Magazine with his picture on the cover, and his CD on the dining room table. People were playing music in the back yard, the neighbours didn't seem to care, and it was a good time.


Harlem Shakes, whom I featured a track from a few weeks back, have all their demo material available on their website. Sounding far less confident than what I've already heard from the band, the older tracks help underscore just how much of an improvement they've made to their sound (visit the site if you'd like to hear them).

The other three tracks on their new demo:

Harlem Shakes - Josh Studies
Harlem Shakes - Sickos
Harlem Shakes - Eighteen


If you check the TOP RELEASES section in the right hand panel of this site, you'll notice The Diableros' album has been added to the list. It's that good.

To celebrate the occasion (or so I tell myself), they just had some new press photos done.