Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A day off

Monday was a holiday up here in Canada. Evidently each province makes up some kind of reason why we take the day off. I'm not sure what it is in Ontario, but over in B.C., it's B.C. day.

There is a new 30 minute mix online via the Familiar Audio Stream. These are all (indie?)-rock remixes:

1. Love Ends Disaster! - Ginko Disco (Electric Cafe Remix)
2. Franz Ferdinand - Matinee (Headman Vocal Remix)
3. Magnet - On Your Side (Optimo Remix)
4. The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Vitaminsforyou Remix)
5. The Cure - Primary (Red Mix)

I'll continue with another mix in this (indie?)-rock series soon.


The poster for Wednesday's NO FORMAT show at The Social:


Links back to some new sites who have been sending traffic this way:
A music site/message board entirely in Russian (
Babelfish helped here.)
A good UK message board. The guys from Love Ends Disaster! seem to frequent it.
Music blog who referenced the Familiar Audio Stream.
An E/N blog who have permanently linked us (thanks).
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