Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We dance weird

Quick update, and no easy listening today. Get your head around this shit.


Last year, Adam Sparkles caught our attention with a brilliant remix of Man Man's "Tear Of Octopus." With their new album - Six Demon Bag - recently released, Man Man have again enlisted Adam to put one of their tracks on the dancefloor. And what does he do this time? As with the "Tear Of Octopus" remix, it's a strange beast -- the song pulses along with a vaguely tribal feel, punctuated by Honus' chants, and a repetitive synth squelch that - if this were '92 - would no doubt have been pitched up to a signature cricket chirp. Yeah, this sounds like a modern interpretation of the old school rave. Heavy, but with a sense of humour.

Also check out Sparkles' recently completed Of Montreal remix via his Myspace page.

Man Man - Tunneling Through The Guy (Adam Sparkles Remix)


Going back to the early '80s, we have a track from New York's Material, complimented nicely by some Liquid Liquid. This is like the sonic realization of New York City as a jungle.

Material - Reduction
Liquid Liquid - Groupmegroup


What you
should be listening to, what you should be wearing, and what - in conversation - will ellicit squeals of delight or nods of approval from the ladies and the boys as you chat them up back stage or behind the booth: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Chip, Revel9n, Cadence Weapon, MSTRKRFT, '90s parties, semi-ironic grunge, semi-ironic bling, Karen O now living in LA and how it impacted the latest YYYs record, Uffie, Gnarls Barkley, The Knife, where Steve Aoki is DJing next, Diplo, Justice, sebastiAn, Headman, how you noticed that so-and-so wasn't in so-and-so's Top 8, Madonna at Coachella, whether Vice curating Intonation is cool or not.

Well, that sure could come off as a cheap bid for hits, couldn't it?