Monday, July 18, 2005

Getting Old

What the hell is going on with me? Last Saturday night I was sitting - by myself - on some stairs in front of a store, eating pizza on a lonely stretch of Queen Street West. It was 2:30am, and I had been drinking since about ten. My friends were on their way to a loft party, and I was supposed to head down there, but I couldn't -- I physically could not bring myself to do it. Another drink was sounding like a trip to hell, and I was as tired as I feel at 9am on any given weekday. Am I getting old? Is this was happens after 30?



I have a couple more exclusive band write-ups to drop over the next week (along with MP3s, of course). In the meantime here are some of my top picks from plowing through the internet over the last few days:

An excellent slice of indie-pop:
The Ebb And Flow - Firefly

These guys hit the radar a little while ago, and I've been listening to their debut EP a lot over the last few weeks. More music if you click-through to their site (where they cover The Zombies -- cool):
Snowden - Black Eyes
Snowden - Victim Card

Their EP titled, "The Ouch. The Touch." sounds something like early Yeah Yeah Yeahs recordings if you added more instrumental complexity. An Artrocker find:
The Grates - Sukkafish

Two interesting electro tracks. Jonathan Vance I have very little information on; his press-release bio seems to portray him as intentionally enigmatic. Whatever, the song is good. Vitaminsforyou is a Toronto local who here remixes The Arcade Fire to great effect:
Jonathan Vance - Lycanthrope
The Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Vitaminsforyou Remix)