Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Big shout to OneLouder for linking up the Familiar Audio Stream. He also happens to completely disagree with my Brakes review -- as do a few others. Disagreements are fun.


The saga of Hot Coffee continues. An 85-year-old grandmother from New York is now suing Rockstar Games on the grounds that her 14-year-old grandson could've been exposed to sexually explicit scenes locked within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I just don't get it anymore -- does she not understand that this kid has probably already witnessed shit that goes WAY beyond sexually explicit? I guess I'm going to hell.


Some of these tracks were sourced from OneLouder, Music For Robots, and Fluxblog.

The best thing Music For Robots have posted in ages:
The Jacksons - Rock On

One of my favorite electro tracks from 2002:
Cursor Miner - U Want to Want

Warp will release a new Broadcast album soon:
Broadcast - I Found The F
Broadcast - Goodbye Girls

Another from The Long Blondes:
The Long Blondes - Appropriation (By Any Other Name)