Friday, July 22, 2005

Dunce Cap

There have been no updates for a few days because I've been so busy. I finally got a date nailed down for the No Dynamics article to find it's way into Vice -- the September issue. Of course, this means I have to re-write it. I'll post the old one here.

No Dynamics will be having their 12" EP release party on August 19th and 20th at The Bagel in Toronto. I'm putting a poster together for them over the weekend; additional information next week.


If you are a writer, remember: Always do some serious fact-checking when you dissect and slam someone (be it a band or an artist, or whatever). I'm not gonna get too deep into this (because it's embarrassing), but I made a stupid factual error in a recent article, and, while it didn't impact anything beyond my ego, it was still a lame thing to deal with. I hate being wrong.


Working in the video game industry, I can't help but follow the latest news involving the hidden sex mini-game (hot coffee) in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Politicians are up in arms. Parents are freaking out. Everyone can't believe there are pathetically lame-looking sex scenes in a video game available to kids -- kids who, I suppose, are better served by driving over polygonal pedestrians, watching the blood squirt out of them, and taking their money. Oh yeah, you gotta know how to hack the software to get to this sex; you don't have to do anything special to the game in order to run around killing people. I guess these parents haven't discovered how easily accessible porn is over newsgroups yet.

A well-written editorial - Grand Theft Auto: DC


The Paper Cranes are moving forward with the recording of a debut EP late this summer. Turns out I will be managing and promoting the band, so expect to hear new music from them as soon as it's available. A website and concert dates are also on the way.

I've had a chance to hear a lot of the material in it's early stages, and it is (objectively) quite amazing.


Today, the guys from A Trillion Barnacle Lapse sent me their new album in it's entirety. I wrote about them a few months ago when I first heard their new material, and gave them some very positive feedback. My opinion hasn't changed; the band has come a long way over their past few albums, which themselves have had some great tracks.

Leaving their dark, goth-tinged, post-punk roots behind, the new ATBL is something almost indescribeable. Long-time fans may be thrown for a serious loop when they hear the big pianos, the stuttering, danceable beats, and the distinct guitar hooks. And what about those falsetto vocals? It's like indie-rock-R&B funnelled through a John Hughes film and touched lightly by Gang of Four or Josef K.

What really strikes me are the abrupt tempo and stylistic changes within some of the songs. Check it out 2min 05sec into Dunce Cap.

A Trillion Barnacle Lapse - Campfire Stories
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse - The Fabulous One
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse - Eternally A Tree
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse - Dunce Cap