Sunday, December 25, 2005

NO FORMAT: 01/07/2006

NO FORMAT presents

The Two Koreas

Saturday January 7th
The Bagel (On College west of Spadina)



This is our first NO FORMAT show since we brought Man Man in from Philly, which was awesome, and saw The Bagel at capacity (on a weeknight, no less).

We expect this to sell out, so come early. Advance tickets are unlikely.


As I've said before, Probably Vampires are like an up-beat version of The Zombies. They're also a bit like The Doors, and '60s west-coast pop, with some blues and Motown thrown in. Like T2K, they're about the dance.

You should be friends with them; they're from Chicago and they rock out.

Probably Vampires - Every Single Time (repost)
Probably Vampires - Yes I Do (repost)
Probably Vampires - One More Night (repost)


You guys know all about The Two Koreas; this is your chance to see them in a tiny venue where we can all hang with (singer) Stuart Berman in front of the stage.

The Two Koreas - Borrowing From Petra To Pay Pauline (repost)
The Two Koreas - Retarded Architect (repost)


Big shout out to Zoilus for the props on our year-end list, and hello to everyone visiting here from his site.

Also a hello to the Italian readers coming from Pigmag (who denounce the exclusion of Stars from our list, and think Arcade Fire should rank higher) and the French-language readers from Blogotheque. Both of those are cool sites; run them through a translator if you can't understand them.