Tuesday, December 06, 2005

80 Hour Weeks

Slept at work last Tuesday night

Slept at work last Sunday night.

Been doing 12 hour days otherwise. Spent one 40-hour stint in the office without leaving.

Almost done. Product info:

Regular updates starting again this week.


I am going to be nice and give one warning: please do not direct-link to music on my site for the purpose of streaming audio (that means YOU, Livejournal and Myspace users). If this keeps up, I will have to block all referring sites that are picking up MP3s directly from AYF?.


Myself (NNY) and Mikey Apples are DJing at Supermarket, in Toronto tonight. It is our friend Kim's going away party. $2. It'll be fun. I'm gonna play some music to have sex to on the dancefloor. That's right. Sex on the dancefloor.