Thursday, December 15, 2005


My love for Victoria's indie-pop scene keeps growing stronger. Shapes and Sizes are a quartet who seem to be holding the torch high, mixing disparate sounds and influences into quirky pop music. A combination of female and male vocals share duties, offering us some personal reflections which sound heart-felt, if allegorical at times. The music shifts rapidly, from hook to drone and back again -- it's hard to pin down, which is part of the appeal here (OK, they can hit Frog Eyes with a good throw from where they're at). "I Am Cold" is my soundtrack tonight, as I nudge the thermostat another degree upwards.

Shapes and Sizes - I Am Cold
Shapes and Sizes - Weekends At A Time
Shapes and Sizes - Wilderness
Shapes and Sizes - Island's Gone Bad
Shapes and Sizes - Taste In My Mouth


The female vocal kick continues with The Social Registry's Samara Lubelski (of Hall Of Fame). I think the most direct comparison here would be to the folk/psych wanderings of Neil Halstead, with similarities not only in her songwriting and the production quality, but also in her vocal inflection. These two tracks - "The Fleeting Skies" being the title track to Lubelski's 2004 solo debut, and "Sister Silver" from her latest release, Spectacular Of Passages - are so on target it's hard to imagine an entire album. Where the hell have I been for these? I need to visit Rotate tomorrow.

Samara Lubelski - Sister Silver
Samara Lubelski - The Fleeting Skies


I have been coaxed into helping out tonight with Shack Up's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY at The Queenshead. I'm sure I'll see some of you there.


The death knell for house music with rock'n'roll production is nearing. Freshness is hitting a factor of zero, and whether or not it's another motherfucking remix, it's all starting to sound the same.