Sunday, November 20, 2005

Vampires are the new wolves

My friend Ryan says Probably Vampires are like an up-beat version of The Zombies. I kind of agree. They're also a bit like The Doors, and '60s west-coast pop, with some blues and Motown thrown in. Their name is really cute, but if we suddenly see a rash of vampire-named or themed groups, I'm going to start calling it the apocalypse.

You should go make friends with them; they're from Chicago and they rock out.

Probably Vampires - Every Single Time
Probably Vampires - Yes I Do
Probably Vampires - One More Night


So this guy Ian came up with a brilliant idea; an indie-rock version of fantasy football. I had to tell him that Pitchfork came up with the idea already, but that didn't stop us from drunkenly formulating some basic rules, and then... forgetting about it.

But yeah, I still want to do it. Make it happen, Ian!

Speaking of Pitchfork, they don't like The Howling Hex's new DVD/album as much as I do. I say it clears 70 by a couple percentage points.


James Murphy, The Juan Maclean, and Sh*t Robot (that's how he spells it, not me) all played at Shack Up last Thursday with Mikey, Jaime, and myself (well, I played two records and worked the door). It was an experience that re-instilled my faith in small DJ parties. The Juan is coming back, and we'll do something like that again. I can't wait.

Keep your ears open for the Sh*t Robot 12" releases coming up on DFA. Great stuff.


The video game I'm working on can be found at "Segalabs." When we saw the original concept for this promotion, some of us freaked out -- and not in a good way. We couldn't imagine it being alright, but it is. In a video game way, you know.