Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I scare little kids

Last week I promised some dance music ("tomorrow"). Velella Velella are one of the bands I've been listening to a lot of over the last while, to the point where I am convinced that they're way bigger than they are. Like, when I drop one of their tracks, I expect to see the ladies pack the floor and everyone grinding the leg of the person next to them.

These guys produce some next-level dance funk, and they do it with soul. I love this shit. DJs: play it right after some Jamie Lidell and give everyone the impression you're the number one lover.

Velella Velella - Hunter
Velella Velella - Do No Fold/Do Not Bend


Digging back a few months, David Gilmour Girls released a 12" on Headman's Relish Records
last August. The A side is Heavy Metal Music Magazines -- a ten minute opus that traverses rock and electronic genres, eventually settling into a Moroder/motorik groove, which in turn gets ripped apart by a rock'n'roll chainsaw. I listen to this, and it's like summer all over again (right).

David Gilmour Girls - Heavy Metal Music Magazines


Ana Lola Roman is not dance music. Not even close. I've been on this female vocalist kick over the last couple weeks, and Ana has provided a great working soundtrack. She writes bizarre musical fairytales, driven by off-kilter piano, synths, and her unique vocal style. Her music is very unusual -- for me, it conjures mental images reminiscent of Jan Svankmajer's Alice, one of those visually abstract films which has seared a couple great scenes into my mind. We're talking sawdust-filled bunnies with over-sized teeth, and jars of formaldehyde-soaked somethings (yes, somethings).

If you're into these tracks, also check out Ana's other project, Roar On Ivory (released through Touch It Movement records).

Ana Lola Roman - Brothers Grimm
Ana Lola Roman - Modern Day Nursery Rhyme
Ana Lola Roman - Candy Coated Lithium


Big thanks to For The Records and Chromewaves for linking our Top 35 Canadian Bands list. We've been getting a lot of traffic and some nice responses.

We've also been hooked up by The Big Ticket recently. Check them out.

And hey - Ashley - you're hot. For real.


I'm noticing that some people still think direct-linking MP3s from AYF? is cool. It's not, and you will soon be unable to do it (this will only affect about three of you -- literally).

Just switched over to Technorati for archive searching. You will now find the search is way more reliable -- like you can actually find what you're looking for without tons of duplicate posts in the way. Check it out on the side panel.

I also cleaned up our Feedburner feed, if you're into the RSS thing.