Thursday, December 08, 2005

Felt Tip Techno

Time to play catch-up for the last week.

Got some dance-oriented shit to drop tomorrow, but tonight, what about some of the latest from the Pitchfork hyperbole? Nick Sylvester just lauded the Love Is All album, Nine Times That Same Song, with Best New Music honors and an excellent review. They've already been filtering through the blogs, what with an unusually forward-thinking appearance on Fluxblog last year, and I'm sure they'll take off with the more mainstream State-side indie heads soon enough. Besides, their music is very good; they've got that echoing high-school choir shout-along thing down (hey, just like Bodies Of Water).

Love Is All - Make Out Fall Out Make Up (Removed by request)
Love Is All - Talk Talk Talk Talk
Love Is All - Felt Tip Hip Kids

This weekend, I'll have some coverage of a few of the other offerings from their label, What's Your Rupture?.


Jaime posted the new Liars track last week. I'd been meaning to get to it, but now I guess I'll do something a bit different, and offer up a face-off between three indie-techno-guitar tunes that you can shuffle, but not dance to.

First up are - yes - Liars. They've copped the "Don't Techno For An Answer" name, they've wobbled their bassline in a pleasantly post-'Room On The Broom way, and they gurgle and chant some words between hyperactive drum fills and repetitive vocal loops. Can you dance to this? Hey, xxJFG, do people dance to this when you play it?

Liars - It Fit When I Was A Kid (Don't Techno For An Answer)

Speaking of the xxJFG, they've been giving coverage to Pro Forma lately. Nice one, as Pro Forma certainly rock it like Factory-does-techno-but-well. "Sexual Design" comes up big on the bass and the techno grunge; all squelch and blip. It trumps Liars as the reverbed percussion stabs come in -- the industrial edge of the vocal fades away into synth sweeps and then doubles back. Oh yes, and what is that girl doing here? Sure baby, you can stay.

Pro Forma - Sexual Design

So here we go digging back into what, 2003? Blur. Yeah, fucking Blur. This little-known 1000-copies-pressed 7" comes out, co-produced by William Orbit, with some vaguely offensive Arabic text on the front and no credits. But you can't miss Damon's vocal, can you? When I heard this I couldn't believe it was Blur; I wanted so badly for their upcoming album to be nothing but music like THIS. And no, it wasn't, it was crap. But there was still that time where I thought - magically - Blur were good again, and what did it take but a moment of sheer brilliance to bring it about.

Blur - Don't Bomb When You Are The Bomb


Thanks to the people who commiserated with me on my hectic work schedule. It's getting back on track now.

Hello to the nice girl who came up to me while I was DJing on Tuesday night.

And what the hell -- thanks to everyone who checks the site out and participates. I'd do this anyway, but it's nice to know someone else is listening.


Right, and who else would like to buy a motorcycle after watching this? Or at the very least pick up one of those jackets. Or maybe just visit Niagra Falls?