Tuesday, November 15, 2005


When this blog started, it was all text. It was me bitching and moaning and ranting about things, and making fun of people and myself. A few friends read it. When the songs started being posted, more people read it, and now here we are.

Anyway, with the amount of energy my day job and some other projects are taking up, I haven't had the time I like to spend on the strictly musical aspect of this site, so I'm going to write a bit more without posting tunes. I can hear the moans already. It's OK, you can always just skip to the music in other posts, and that search function actually sort of works, you know.


Last week on Stillepost, I managed to get into an argument with the promoters for the upcoming LCD Soundsystem/Juan Maclean show in Toronto. I bitched about the venue, the ticket prices, the enormous poster, and the rave-like vibe. Admittedly, this was an asshole move, but it did catch the attention of Maclean (whom I have interviewed before), and ellicited a solid response on his behalf which, was in agreement with my own viewpoint.

The whole thing was kind of ridiculous, and I am a bit embarrassed at having engaged in the dialogue, but you can find it here:

The Juan is a nice guy, and we're hoping to work something out so he can play to a small crowd in a small room as part of this tour. More on that soon.


NO FORMAT is going to be doing a Neutral Mute/Run-Roc show in Toronto within the next two months. Venue and date TBA.


The Liars have a new song and video out. It's highly homo-erotic. I think that's why Jaime likes it so much.


The new release from The Howling Hex? Amazing so far.

The new GoGoGo Airheart is great too, and their show last night was big fun. Be their friends
and buy Rats!Sing!Sing!. The only reason I'm even posting this music is so people will hear these bands and pick up the CD/vinyl.

The Howing Hex
- Now, We're Gonna Sing

GoGoGo Airheart - So Good
GoGoGo Airheart - Heart On A Chain