Monday, August 29, 2005


Jaime says I need to stop arguing with people about music on message boards for fun. It's a really sick hobby of mine -- something I've done since the early days of alt.rave and (roughly 1991/1992). Today I raised the ire of someone who was a huge fan of early emocore. He called me a hack.


Back to what I consider to be the cool computer shit:

I used to go to my dad's old office in the late 80's and play a game called
nethack (based off Rogue) on their Unix system. This is epitome of computer-based D&D to me: My early teenaged self, a green glowing monitor displaying ridumentary ASCII graphics, a book of graph paper, and my imagination. There were days when I dreamed of playing that game with more than one person at a time.


Faunts are from Edmonton, and recently signed to Friendly Fire Records. Their music is cute, much like their name:
Faunts - Memories Of Places We've Never Been

Mobius Band have a new album out on Ghostly International. It was ripped apart at Pitchfork; I have
yet to hear it myself, but I do like this song:
Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds Of Static

Gang Of Four also have a new album (Return The Gift) with a US release date of October 11. It includes re-recorded versions of their older tracks:
Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods (2005)

Funtime OK recently wrote about Jaime Stewart's pre-Xiu Xiu project, Ten In The Swear Jar:
Ten In The Swear Jar - Hot Karl
Ten In The Swear Jar - When You Write
Ten In The Swear Jar - San Jose Fight Song
Ten In The Swear Jar - Sad Girl


Thanks to Onelouder for linking to the Juan Maclean interview.