Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've covered The Two Koreas a couple times before. Well, I've mentioned them at least. Who says friends don't get favours? These guys deserve it, though -- they've just released their first full-length, from which I've been allowed to source a couple MP3s.

Keywords: post-punk, music critic, external ties to other popular indie bands, Toronto, Stuart Berman is Brandon Flowers, The Fall.

The Two Koreas - Borrowing From Petra To Pay Pauline
The Two Koreas - Retarded Architect

Nick Sylvester now has his own blog over at The Village Voice called Riff Raff. Nice name, man.

I'll be DJing in Vancouver (Canada) on August 13th with The Paper Cranes and Death of a Party.

Here's a new track from The Paper Cranes, who have been receiving a ton of hits here, and yeah this is just as good as the rest of their stuff:

The Paper Cranes - Rabbit In A Snare (rough bootleg)