Sunday, July 03, 2005


Big shout out to Catbirdseat who linked to this site; specifically to the Paper Cranes entry. Batteria Ricaricabile (Rechargeable Battery), which is entirely in Italian, also sent me a few hits. Thanks.


I witnessed some bizarre theatrics tonight. Ian coerced me into taking a cab over to Sneaky Dee's to see Ari Up. Formerly of The Slits (known by most people under 25 for their pulsing, bass-heavy rendition of, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine") she was performing her version of English-white-girl-living-in-Jamaica-spiritual-reggae. It wasn't bad, although the highlight was the physically imposing, long-haired rocker who would NOT stop getting onto the stage and trying to do his rap-metal thing. Granted, Ari invited the audience to participate, but I'm not sure she was too fond of this particular guy. Or the sweaty, drunken 40-something who occupied the opposite side of the stage and screamed into the microphone every so often between wild arm gestures. It was fantastic; like a train-wreck. When the pink-fauxhawked punk-rock revivalist girl made it onto the stage, put a lei around Ari's neck, and kept gazing at her with love/lust in her eyes (she was her "hero"), the realization struck me that this was one of the strangest shows I'd ever seen.

Elsewhere, a guy - white, mid 20's - was wearing a Sun City concert shirt. Sun City was - prior to the dissolution of apartheid - a whites-only holiday getaway for all the wealthy South Africans, which featured gambling, and all the big international stars -- even the occasional non-white concert performer (because, you know, those people might make a good song or two every so often). I'm not sure if the person wearing the shirt was aware of this, or if he thought it was ironic or what. Surely if we were at a club in Capetown he would've been smacked up pretty quick.


I keep a directory on my machine called /storage. It's more interesting than my /music_incoming folder because, rather than known entities downloaded via Slsk, /storage contains all the weird shit I pick up from other websites. The following tracks have been sourced online, although I can't remember from where anymore. If from another blog, chances are they came from:

20 Jazz Funk Greats
Just For A Day
Music For Robots

Great straight-ahead indie rock:
Pontiak - Aztec Blood
Pontiak - It Takes One
Pontiak - Ophelia
Pontiak - The Letter Said

Two more tracks from the English art-rockers:
Elle Milano - Girl Scout Up Late Doing Her Homework
Elle Milano - Swearing's For Art Students

80's tinged electro R&B:
Skeletons and The Girl Faced Boys - Git

File next to Hood and The Post:
The Cars Are The Stars - True

Drums, two cellos, a bass, and one low-quality recording:
Matson Jones - Mr Audio Technica