Saturday, July 02, 2005

Goodnight, that was weird

It's been a hectic couple days, so this is a quick update before I post something of substance tomorrow.

I ended up at the Toronto harbourfront this evening, watching Feist and The Apostle of Hustle. It was completely slammed full of families wanting to enjoy Canada day, fans wanting to hear some adult-contemporary-indie-rock (thanks for that Jaime), and a few of us who weren't entirely sure why we were there, except for wanting to be out. Given my initial lack of enthusiasm, it was a pleasant experience -- completely non-threatening, and at times even interesting. Granted, I spent the majority of my time in the beer garden.

Later, at a club, I heard someone play House Of Jealous Lovers without an ounce of irony in their intent. Wait, is it ironic yet? What is it? Sure it's a great song, I don't deny it, but following it up with Blue Monday, and then Rock The Casbah left me in awe. Stunned silence. Sipping my beer. Waiting for something to happen.