Monday, June 13, 2005

Linking out

Evidently, other people also write things about music.

Swishblog -
Eh, it's alright. Bit of an attitude (but that can be good), some dodgy selections (but hey, nobody is perfect), and a serious ego (aw shit). Best is that they do their MP3 presentation as mixes. I like that.

Music for Robots -
Aside from one of their writers sucking the dick of every supposedly "cool" new band/song/style/clubnight that happens to filter through to New York, they post some decent stuff.

Fluxblog -
This is a staple. Everyone links to Fluxblog. Hello Fluxblog.

Pitchfork Media -
Ubiquitous indie-rock-snob website. Now it might as well be mainstream. Check out the stuff written by Nick Sylvester; he knows what he's talking about.

Cokemachineglow -
I thought Pitchfork were tough to please. But of course, everyone loves Sleater-Kinney. EVERYONE.

Tiny Mix Tapes -
Along with CMG and Pitchfork, this site rounds out my daily reading.

Artrocker -
Sometimes I argue with these guys, but it's all in good fun. Usually.

Places to avoid:

Good god, what HAPPENED? Oh right, this is old news...

All Music Guide -
It's good as reference (when correct), but their reviews really SUCK.

Tripwire -
I bet someone over there uses the term, "tastemaker" in a serious context almost every day. Wanks. Good for figuring out what the out-of-touch corporate execs think is cool.