Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Format: 07/06/2005

The details are finally sorted out.

Starting July 6th, on the first Wednesday of each month, we'll be doing a club night in Toronto. Two live bands with be playing, along with DJ sets from myself and Ian Worang (of Uncut and The Two Koreas), plus a guest. We're going to be focusing on local bands, and showcasing what we consider to be some of the best upcoming talent in Toronto.

The venue is The Social, between Beaconsfield and Dovercourt on Queen Street West. No, it's not in Parkdale -- it's east of Parkdale, OK? It's West Queen West, or something.



Wednesday July 6th 2005


Stuart Berman (The Two Koreas, Eye Magazine)
NNY (No Format)


$5 cover
$3.50 50s


The Empires are hook-based, guitar-driven indie rock, with a tendency towards wall-of-sound production. Great melodies, word of mouth, and a series of impressive live reviews brought them to our attention. If you didn't catch their last Wavelength show, you missed out:

The Empires - Lesbian Games *repost
The Empires - Mattoo (Who's To Say?)
The Empires - Defender
The Empires - Camouflage *repost


The Diableros blew us away when they opened at The Two Koreas's CD release party. Knife-like guitars, keys, and strong vocals bring to mind bands like The Walkmen and Canadian contemporaries, Wolf Parade. They're also nice, and sent us an exclusive MP3 to post:

The Diableros - Sugar Laced Soul


Stuart Berman fronts local indie band, The Two Koreas, and vocalizes his musical opinions through Eye Magazine. Expect him to drop current indiefloor hits, along with classics and, of course, obscurities. Not obscurities that will make you stop and wonder why you weren't held enough as a child, or why your relationship just failed -- obscurities in the good way.


NNY is a No Format resident. Our residents don't get write-ups, but they do have to organize all this shit...