Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Demo-Design is Justin Fines. Back in 1997, he started Demo down in Detroit, and has subsequently produced some original and technically stunning work through print, and more recently, broadcast design. The guy has art directed for, and produced spots with Psyop (one of my favorite boutique design firms), which is what switched me back onto Demo earlier in '05; turns out Justin has also been working with Someoddpilot Records along with various advertising heavyweights (Nickelodeon, HP, etc.). Hit his site for more samples. He now lives in New York with the rest of the designers in the world.

Justin Fines - Salvo Beta (image)
Justin Fines - Syndrome (image)
Justin Fines - Battlezine (image)


Check it out. More hot six-piece action from Canada. This band is called Doris Day, they're from Barrie (I don't expect anyone outside of Southwestern Ontario to know where that is) and they've let me put up a couple tracks from their self-released EP. Their live show is excellent; they completely surprised me when my friend Jessica took me out to see them. Anyway, I refuse to make comparisons here, 'cause it's just too easy to do that with Canadian indie rock these days.

Doris Day - Quarantine Girl
Doris Day - My Hands, My Plans


What up to the XXJFG and Goldkixx who both put AYF? on their favorite blogs of the year lists. Seriously nice. Jaime has had some hot link action from these guys too -- feels all friendly like. I'm warm.

Also hello to everyone coming through from Banana Nutrament and Motel De Moka.


Before I have someone else call me gay because I think grime/dubstep is all flash-in-the-pan styles and for deeming the track behind a Lady Sov. video sub-par, think about it: for all it's attempts at commercial success, how big is UK garage/2-step these days? Miles away from all those famous London champaign parties, I'll tell you that. And hell, at least that scene
didn't take itself so seriously.