Thursday, October 20, 2005

Colouring Paper

Miranda from The Paper Cranes sent me a link to another excellent Victoria band today. They're called Colourbook, and they're a bunch of kids, much in the same way that The Most Serene Republic (TMSR) are a bunch of kids.

Difference is while Colourbook certainly show their late teen/early-20s' tendencies, they do so with a slightly morose, jaded edge, and their lyrics are good and their song-writing impressive. In other words, they're better than TMSR.

I have no details about these guys, other than they're playing with The 'Cranes on October 29st in Victoria, and they were recently signed to Warner/Reprise. Digging through their website's directory structure yielded three MP3s. I don't usually go to such blogger-style lengths to obtain music, but streaming high quality MP3s through Flash (as is done on their site) is annoying; I'd rather have the files. And no, I have never stolen a setlist -- I'll leave that to the guys down in NYC.

Colourbook - Ten Tendencies
Colourbook - Theme Song
Colourbook - Montana Bandana


I'm off to Vancouver to meet with producer Howard Redekopp, and The Paper Cranes. This is the weekend we record the EP. I'll be posting from out west until the 28th.

Big shout out to Popsheep for the 'Cranes write-up. They were also featured last week in the University of Victoria's paper.