Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Man Man

NO FORMAT presents

Sunday October 2nd

MAN MAN (Philadelphia, Ace Fu) (
Honus Honus is the primary songwriter, and spiritual energy behind Philadelphia's Man Man. A live act featuring four players, Man Man are almost impossible to describe; their music is at once pop, experimental, indie, and just plain bizarre. Imagine The Decemberists really did get lost at sea in the 18th century, were forced to make their own instruments out of driftwood and animal parts, went slightly insane, and developed a taste for the circus. Critically acclaimed and well-known for their amazing live show, Man Man make an appearance in Toronto at a small venue (capacity 60) after hitting Pop Montreal. This is rare.

The Bagel (285 College St. Toronto)

Doors 9pm


The new Sigur Ros and Broadcast albums are both very good -- after a fair number of listens, I would say Sigur Ros are back on form after their sophomore slump.


Check it out, this guy put thought bubbles to good use.


I wasn't a huge fan of A.R.E. Weapons' first album, and I didn't like the live show, but their new material has some promise, and the video for Weakest Ones is good:
A.R.E. Weapons - Who Rules The Wasteland?

The new album from The USAISAMONSTER seems to transcend their title (maybe):

Wolf Parade are still awesome:
Wolf Parade - Shine A Light