Tuesday, October 05, 2004

CD x2

Like my friend Jason (my!gay!husband!), I just finished my first mix CD in years (since the days of esoteric electronic stuff to go to sleep to).

You can stream a really shitty MP3 version here:

OR you can ask me for a copy on CD which sounds nice, is in stereo, and comes with a cover and all that if I am in the mood for cutting and pasting when I burn it.

If you like it, pass this along.



Abducted while watching TV; bound and gagged and dragged out in the snow by your feet. Left in a shed in the cold until you hear the strange voices of whales calling. You freeze to death happy.


1. Abe Vigoda / Sophomore
2. The Bravery / Honest Mistake
3. I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness / When You Go Out
4. Interpol / Evil
5. Ashbury / Blood On Stone
6. Singapore Sling / Guiding Light
7. The Walkmen / They're Winning

Interlude (The Stone Roses / I'm Without Shoes)

8. The Post / A Rest
9. Controller.Controller / History
10. Vanishing / Lovesick
11. Whitey / Non-Stop
12. Sonic Youth / The Burning Spear
13. Radiohead / The National Anthem
14. Piano Magic / Saint Marie
15. On!Air!Library / Faultered Ego
16. Tree Wave / May Banners
17.__/My Bloody Valentine / Touched
18. \My Bloody Valentine / To Here Knows When