Thursday, September 29, 2005

NO FORMAT: 10/02/2005

NO FORMAT presents

Sunday October 2nd

MAN MAN (Philadelphia, Ace Fu)
Honus Honus is the primary songwriter, and spiritual energy behind Philadelphia's Man Man. A live act featuring four players, Man Man are almost impossible to describe; their music is at once pop, experimental, indie, and just plain bizarre. Imagine The Decemberists really did get lost at sea in the 18th century, were forced to make their own instruments out of driftwood and animal parts, went slightly insane, and developed a taste for the circus. Critically acclaimed and well-known for their amazing live show, Man Man make an appearance in Toronto at a small venue (capacity 60) after hitting Pop Montreal. This is rare.

LENIN I SHUMOV (Toronto, Blocks)
The boys at 20 Jazz Funk Greats had this to say about Lenin: "...hysteric ranting, mad man manic, animal collectivist celebratory spirit, Mahjonggian percussive rattling, no wave inside a bouncy happy bass scabbard and insanely catchy summery riffage... If this music was a city it would be Constant's New babylon, a place with arcades built on top of each other ad anthill, crazy labyrinths and traps filling the sonic spectre, check it out, in this city the lamplights have switches so its inhabitants can reconfigure the streets at will, well, Lenin i Shumov have turned everything off, I don't know where I am, but it's very fun."

Come down early to ensure you have a spot inside the venue, otherwise bag yourself a 40 and kick it on the curb outside. The sound travels pretty well, right?

The Bagel (285 College St. Toronto)

Doors 9pm


DJ Mikey Apples (Future Primitive)


Man Man - I, Manface *repost
Man Man - Gold Teeth
Man Man - Tear Of Octopus (Adam Sparkles Remix)


As you can tell, I've been busy. The shoegazer retrospective is still coming, but between the shows, the posters, the reviews, and the 9-5, it's taken a back seat.