Sunday, May 29, 2005

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Pornographic Poetry

New article coming out in HoBO Magazine within the next few months. Some background on the magazine here:

The following are 32 message subjects and authors from my bulk inbox at my junk account. Unedited. Uncensored. Restructured with carriage returns, but presented in exactly the order they arrived.

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spreading Evading
V. Dragoon Busty
teen blonde nicky Underfoot A.
Disagreed Gregipp, Instant Pleasures,
Volume 2002 Epaulets
R. Wharf Gregipp, Instant Pleasures,
Volume 2002 Belies
L. Tick [none] Cauchy
U. Toilette Brunette babe
hard fucked Brisks
H. Colloquy Amateur
babe show
her tits Tenanting J. Purchaser
Gregipp, Instant Pleasures,
Volume 2002 Enlistments L. Gravelly
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Ocher O. Dreadful
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sex Foisted
G. Vaporizes
Cute Shaved
Teen Spread
Pussy & Fucks
Dildo Movies Courage C. Reformatory
Black Fat Mama
Licking Her Own
Tits Outriders D.
Influence Sexy
Asian With Long Hair
In Corset
Strips & Poses Regretting G. Judo
Office gangbang Remedied
Q. Lepke Pornstar
Miko Lee In Stockings
Hardcore Movies Garrisoning V. Woodsman
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Anal Hardcore Alligators
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& DPed For Cumshot
MMF Movies Commune J. Elvin
Ebony Teen
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Movies Quacked H. Praiseworthy
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Get Totaly Nude Histrionic H.
Chase Redhead
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Upskirting 18yo
Teen Fucking Old
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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


When I was a kid, my parents somehow drilled it into my head that I shouldn't say, "seriously" before I was going to make some kind of self-important statement like, "seriously... it's good." Ever since then, whenever someone has opened a sentence with, "honestly, ... seriously, ... no but really, ..." I've had an inherent mistrust in whatever they would say afterwards.

More often than not, it just makes me laugh, because the tone it sets is incongruous to the statement that follows. Like, "yeah but honestly, I don't like The Killers." Sure glad you laid that one on me with such profound intent. Thanks.

All of this makes me want to go back and add the word, "Seriously," to the start of a few of my blogs, because I keep feeling like the shit can be taken too literally, or um, too seriously.

Yeah. Anyway.

So I've been looking for some sort of new sound (because I can't take another post-punk riff), and I've been wondering if the whole Madchester thing could ever shed it's incredibly lame exoskeleton and expose it's tasty, fleshy insides (if they exist). There are these guys from Norway called Datarock (, and it seems like they might be onto this. The music is seriously gay (as Nick Sylvester put it in his Pitchfork review), but nevertheless, it's somehow substantially gay. I mean, there is something underneath there that serves as the fleshy underpinning, and I like it a lot.

So I'm digging out the New Fast Automatic Daffodils, and I'm hoping that there will be more to come along these lines. Tom Vek was a good start. Let's see where we go... seriously (I can't believe I wrote that).


Finished the cover for the first Unfamiliar compilation CD: