Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I wrote this in reponse to a review of M83's latest 12" release for "Don't Save Us From The Flames," off their album titled, "Before The Dawn Heals Us."

You can find the original review here:


M83 have the unfortunate distinction of being one of those bands who've been compared to My Bloody Valentine. This tends to be the kiss of death; such a comparison usually means someone is trying too hard (i.e. Guitar) to SOUND like MBV. Such isn't entirely the case with M83 -- even with the interesting rhyme between the (shortened) band names. Vee - three, three - vee. Get it?

Anyway, much like their French brethren Air, M83 albums tend to make an initial impact on their target audience and then fade quietly as the sound dates itself. OK, this is a bit of critical stretch - some of the music remains timely - but a valid criticism. Before The Dawn Heals Us is best when it's wearing it's Kevin Shields aspirations openly on it's sleeve. Save Me From The Flames is a great song, and on the 12", Superpitcher succeeds in creating a remix that isn't anywhere near as frustratingly ALMOST-good as his usual stuff.

From it's fairly strong opening, M83's latest slides into balladic yawn-inducing synth washes and over-long ambient bliss-outs. I said of their previous album that the best thing about the band was their website. This still stands. The site (much like the music) hasn't been updated in a couple years, aside from content additions. Go check it out.

Damnit, maybe I should move to France and start smoking dope again so I can get back into this stuff.

For a highly recommended alternative to M83, check out Khonnor. Amazing, and innovative.